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Wood Flower Crate Totes

We started out  with the highest quality pure oak wood made with our "Badger Tough" dual construction method and designed a tote that is functional for daily tasks in the garden, and when not in use adds a rustic vintage feel. These wood totes also work great for a variety of Home D├ęcor uses.

These versatile totes work great for carrying your gardening tools out to the flower bed and bringing back produce during harvest time.

They also work great to put a flower pot in on your deck or patio. The sturdy construction and rope handle make it easy to move around.

Each one of our products comes with free shipping and are available in 14 different color options.

Some other uses of these sturdy oak totes.

  • If you need to spruce up the guest bathroom you can put washcloths, hand towels, and soaps in for a pleasing display.

  • Like to arrange things on your deck? The rope handles allow you to move the tote around with you favorite flowers in it.

  • Have a custom tote idea? Feel free to contact us!

Solid Oak Tote Crates unfinished oak style

Oak Tote Crates

These handy Oak Tote Crates come in a set of 2 and are available in 14 different colors.