We owe this blog post about the many uses for wood crates to our valued customers. In my home I use wood crates in nearly every room. My entry way, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms, and workshop are filled with our high quality crates and boxes to help with my home decor and storage issues. When my 3 kids get home from school, by the entry way, I have 2 wood crates for each of them, they put their backpacks in one, glove, hats, and mittens in the other. In the bathroom I use one of our small wood centerpieces for our toothbrushes and a small wood crate on the back of the toilet for tissue paper. For our entertainment center I took 4 of our largest wood crates, made a table top, stained it dark walnut and it holds the t.v. and down below I put all the kids school and sports pictures. In the pantry I used 2 of our large divided storage cubes for all the kids snacks for their lunches. Our storage cubes also work great for a night stand next to your bed. When we have guests over for the big football game, I take our super sized wood crates 22 x 16 x 12 and put them on their solid ends and they work great as an end table/coffee table. I have not made one yet, but some of our customers have made an coffee tables by using our crates as the base. In my closest and the kid's closest I use wood crates and cubes as a shelving storage solution for them to put their cloths. In the work shop where we make all of our products, we store tools, paperwork, and wood pieces in our demo products. All in all, I have at least 50 crates, wood cubes, and storage boxes in use in my home. 
At crateland.com a North Rustic Design website, we use our products and know they are built to last. 
We also make pine wood and cedar boxes in a variety of sizes. Our large wood storage boxes are a great place to store keepsakes. 

At North Rustic Design we are strong proponents of our country getting back to the basics. In Wisconsin we are blessed with the finest lumber you will find anywhere in the country. Many of the products, including wood crates that are available cheaply and in mass quantities, often come with less than quality workmanship. If you are tired of mass produced junk all of our products are built with a dual construction method that makes them built to last. 

There are endless ways that our crates, cubes, and boxes can be used for counter top storage in the kitchen and bathroom. They also work great on the computer desk for filing papers and storage of supplies. Our wood crate nesting sets are a favorite of college students because they pack together nicely when the time comes to move. 

When the holidays come and go and you are changing home decoration, our crates and boxes are a safe and sturdy place to store your ornaments and other table decorations. We have colors that match different seasons, so you can even color code them. One of the best ideas I have seen is our china red wood crates, they store the decorations, and when you have them all up, you have a table centerpiece. Then when the holiday is over the table centerpiece stores all the decorations. 
Our largest wood crates work great as a cloths hamper in the bedrooms. They are just the right size even for the baddest dirty laundry shot. 
So no matter how you use our high quality wooden crates, cubes, and boxes, as bins, buckets, totes, trunks, holiday storage, toy storage, or whatever else you can think of, they are built to last in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and delivered to your door.