Different colors, sizes, and designs of Wood Crates used for Retail Displays and Trade Show Booths.

Over the years of working very closely with our customers, I wanted to share some of the insight that we've gained in designing retail displays and trade show backdrops for a variety of customers. 

Often times I will get an email - that goes something like this "I've got a 10 x 3 x 6 foot area that I want a crate display to fit nicely in to display our products" We know that going to a trade show that space is often limited. We like to design a crate display that when the show is done, they different sizes nest inside of each other so that can pack up smaller. Our high quality wooden crates also work great for storing your trade show materials in for a safe ride back home. 

We also have been asked to have the crates delivered to the Trade Show, so that we you arrive your crate display is waiting for you. 

Making a wall of wood crates is something that is also becoming more popular. We even have the ability to match the exact color you are looking for. We work with Sherwin Williams and can match any color. We do carry 17 different stock colors, but if you are designing a crate wall for that "WOW" factor you might as well have your perfect color. 

So if you know you want to use our high quality crates in your display, all you need to do is let us know the area you want to cover and we can design the rest. 

We carry wood crates in the following sizes. 
mini crates
small crates
medium crates
large crates
jumbo crates
super size crates
xl crates
xxl crates
xxxl crates 

If the above sizes don't work we also specialize in making custom wood crates designed to your exact specifications. 

Here are some helpful resources if you are interested in Wholesale Crates and Boxes or if you are looking to take your crate or box to the next level with the help of our screen printing department by adding your logo. Logo Crates

We look forward to helping you find the perfect trade show crate display or helping you design a custom POP Point of Purchase Display for your retail store. Feel free to call us at 715-563-0580 or email northrusticdesign@gmail.com

Josh Bill - Owner