New Wood Crates More Sizes

June 7, 2014
We are proud to announce that all of standard wood crates from the mini to the XXX-Large are now available in pure 3/8 oak wood. Until now we only stocked 10 sizes of oak crates, but not anymore. We hope you find the perfect crate at

Limited Edition Antique Wood Crates

March 18, 2014
These are sold out. 

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XL XXL XXX-Large Wooden Crates

February 6, 2014
At North Rustic Design we are proud to announce the newest addition to our product family. 
X-Large Crates
XX-Large Crates
XXX-Large Crates
These are the biggest crates you can find for sale on the internet. Perfect for Home Decor or Point of Purchase Displays for your store.
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Wood Pallets are Perfect for Home Decor and Store Displays

January 29, 2014
We have added some new products to the North Rustic Design family. We offer 10 different newly constructed wood pallets that you can buy individually or in sets of 5. We hope you find what you are looking for. 
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Wood Crates the many uses for Home Decoration and Storage at

January 16, 2014
We owe this blog post about the many uses for wood crates to our valued customers. In my home I use wood crates in nearly every room. My entry way, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms, and workshop are filled with our high quality crates and boxes to help with my home decor and storage issues. When my 3 kids get home from school, by the entry way, I have 2 wood crates for each of them, they put their backpacks in one, glove, hats, and mittens in the other. In the bathroom I use one of our small w...
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New Wood Crates 2014 Our newest crate products

January 14, 2014
We have added some new wood crates to the North Rustic Design family of products. Our true rustic oak crates are now available in sets of 3. These nesting oak wood crates fit together better for lower shipping costs and hence a lower price for our valued customers. These pure oak crates are built like tanks and work great for displaying items in your store or for home/cabin decor. I have dropped our oak crates off our work table by accident and nothing happens. 

We also have come up with some ...
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Wood Crate Product Videos

January 9, 2014
You can see all of our product videos about wood crates. We carry many different sizes and color options. We also make a whole bunch of custom wood crates and boxes for people all over the U.S.A. Stay Warm!

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Valued Customers

December 28, 2013
It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to get away from the saws and such and from a very busy, but blessed Holiday online shopping season. We shipped out many orders to nearly ever state, including Alaska and Hawaii. Not one of our products was returned. We take great pride and put much care in each and every one of our wood crates and boxes. We've added a few customer stories to our home page so you can see how people use our wholesale wooden crates. It's nice to see...
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Wood Crates for Storage Ideas

July 27, 2013

Crates have a purpose for some of the following

  • fruit storage
  • milk storage
  • ammo storage
  • blankets
  • gift baskets
  • book storage
  • record albums
  • dvd's and cd's
  • counter top organizer
  • wine storage
  • point of purchase
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • bills
  • remotes
  • photography props
  • bathroom organization

Now people find many other uses for wooden crates. They add an old-time feel and they look great. There are some many ways that people use them. I have had people use my crates in videos and in their stores. When you are researching th...

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Vintage Reclaimed Oak Wooden Crates - True Rustic by Crateland

May 15, 2013
The Spring has finally arrived after 6 months of winter here in Wisconsin. The spring and summer season is wood crate season at the online home for all things wood crates from North Rustic Design. One of our newest products are Oak Crates. These vintage wood oak crates are made from reclaimed untreated pure oak wood. Each of these crates is made with our dual construction method featuring tough Gorilla Glue and Gage Nails. They look, feel, and are vintage style crates, but they ...
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Wooden Crates by Crateland

The Crateland Blog High Quality wood crates handmade to perfection. 14 different colors and Free Shipping. At North Rustic Design we not only make the best wood crates but offer the largest size and color selection for sale anywhere.