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Looking to Purchase Wood Crates? Our Wood Crate Buyers Guide will help you make an informed purchase.

This guide is a creation of many years of experience making and researching crates. Wood crates have been used by people for thousands of years in one form or another. I hope this guide will educate you on how crates have been used. Next we will explore the different types of wood crates available. You can see pictures and watch short videos. What is your favorite style? Read on and you can see!

  4 Slated Wooden Crates 

Wooden Crates 4 Slated

These handcrafted wooden crates are made from 3/4 inch pure pine. Eau Claire Wisconsin in the heart of Lumber Country

Our 4 slated wooden crates have 4 slates on the bottom and 4 around the ends and sides. 

These crates available in 14 different colors and add a nice rustic feel to any room. 

We are proud manufactures of 45 standard sizes of wooden crates. Can't find the right size crate? Don't worry we offer custom sized crates too.

Traditional Solid End Crates

Wood Crates Solid End

  Traditional Solid End 

  • Traditional Solid End Crates (slates on bottom and sides with 3/4 inch spacing)

  • Available in 45 standard sizes and 14 colors

 3 Slated Crates

Wooden Crates 3 Slates

3 Slate Wood Crates (5 slates on bottom 3 slates on sides and ends with equal spacing)

These crates are the perfect storage organizer for the bedroom. If you love stuffed animals or want whatever item you store in it to be seen, these are the wood crates for you. 

Standard True Rustic Oak Crates

True Rustic Oak Crates add an old-time feel to any home, cabin, or store display. These crates  are made from red and white oak with 3/8 inch slates held together by 1 x 1 pure oak posts. They have a weathered feel because they are not new or recently sawed. 

*made from 3/8 inch thick oak

*you can drop or throw this oak crates and they will not break!

Slated True Rustic Oak 

We took our popular true rustic oak crates and added a more open look to display the different items people put in crates. Available in our 8-10-12 inch tall crates that we have available in a variety of Lengths and Widths. 

8 inch tall  - 3 slates

10 inch tall - 4 slates

12 inch tall - 5 slates

Custom Wood Crates that don't break the bank

We are often asked to make custom wood crates. Although we carry many standard sized crates ready to ship, when ordering custom wood crates from us, the price is in between our standard sized crates. So find the perfect size for your custom book shelf or point of purchase display and we can make it for you. 

You and check out our wholesale wood crates here