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Rustic Wood Crates for Sale - Pure Oak Wood - Free Shipping - We are proud to offer every size from our mini crates to our XXXL crates in our Rustic Oak 4-post crate style. 

Living in the heart of lumber country, Wisconsin is home to many old vintage crates. The historical uses of crates are as follows:

  • remember the days of Milk on the doorstep? milk would be left in the milk crate on your doorstep, believe it or not you still can get milk delivered in Wisconsin.
  • strawberries, blueberries, apples, and other fruits and vegetables were and are still stored in wooden crates. Although it can be hard to find each little farm often had their own style of crate.
  • many wineries in the United States and Europe used wood crates as a way to safely transport the fruit of the vine to thirsty lips - wine crates often have unique designs and can be very valuable depending on the vintage.
  • the motion picture industry use what are called "Apple Crates" for having people stand on them, or to prop items up higher.