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It is our goal at Crateland to offer the biggest selection of Wood Crates in a variety of styles to people across the United States. We hope you find our wood crate buyers guide and our wood crate shop easy to navigate. 

 Wooden Crates from - for all your wood crate needs. From 1 to 20,000 we are a proud manufacturer of the Best Wood Crates you will find anywhere. North Rustic Design, LLC

A very informative video we created to help you make an informed purchase. You can really see the quality and selection of all of our wood crates and other products. 

2017 has been a very busy year making a whole bunch of wooden crates for a variety of customers. You buy 5 wood crates or 5000 crates, we deliver consistent quality in every product we manufacture.  We are also proud to introduce custom logo laser engraved crates and custom stenciled crates. These crates work great for attending trade shows and showing off your company's  logo. Crates are also great for home decoration and storage.

Interested in Purchasing Wholesale Bulk Wood Crates? Here is the link Wholesale Bulk Wood Crates

Welcome to - the online home for all things related to wood crates. We carry many sizes and colors of crates. We hope you find the perfect crate. We are here to answer your questions and want your online shopping experience to be as easy and smooth as possible. 

We also have a True Rustic Oak Crate product line for those that need an authentic looking crate for an old-time feel. Each of our True Rustic Crates are made from reclaimed untreated pure oak wood and add a vintage decor feel to any room in your home, cabin, or as Point of Purchase (POP) display in your store. 

 "Good Old Fashioned Quality from the Northwoods of Wisconsin"


  • See all of our 14 color selections in our Wood Crate Photo Gallery (these pics are in color).
  • We offer 30 standard size crates made from pure 3/4 inch pine wood. 
  • Our Dual Construction make Crateland Crates the best built you will find anywhere. 
  • You can visit our Wood Crate Buyers Guide to see the 4 different style crates we offer. 
  • Made in Eau Claire Wisconsin home of the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park. 

 At Crateland we believe in Quality. 

  • Many crates you will find on the internet use plywood or 3/8 inch wood, along with staples. 
  • NOT US - our Dual Construction process with tough Gorilla Glue and gage nails make our crates 2x as tough
  • Our crates are all made with 3/4 inch pure pine wood and 3/8 inch pure oak wood. (that's 2x as much crate for your buck). We sand each crate to modify any small imperfections. 
  • 14 Color Options - Free Shipping 
  • The possibilities and uses of wood crates is left up to your imagination. You can mix and match different colors to match your home decor.
  • Have a favorite sports team? Turn you shrine into something cool with crates that match the color of your favorite team. 

You can watch the short video below to see the quality of our 3/4 inch pure pine hand sanded wooden crates.

Pictures of the Best Wood Crates you will find anywhere! 

Some of the the Many uses for Wooden Crates

  • Garden Boxes - Our wood crates look great in the garden and add a touch of home
  • Wine Storage - Pick one of our 14 colors to store your favorite vintage in. Our crates add a rustic and classic feel to any room.
  • Newspaper Storage Box - Once the crate is filled up - time to empty.
  • Book Box - As a former college student myself, crates keep books safe and are good to move them.
  • Dvd Storage - Still not into the whole internet movie thing? Keep your collection of movies safe and store them in style.
  • Bathroom Storage Organizer - Crates are the perfect way to store all those towels and other bathroom supplies.
  • Photography Props - One unique use for wooden crates is for props during a photo shot. 
  • POP - Point of Purchase Displays - Crates add a classic feel and unique way to present your products to your customers. 
  • Wood Centerpieces - Pick one of our 14 colors and you have a perfect wood centerpiece to put on your table. Add some classic feel for the changing seasons and holidays. 
  • Art Supply Storage - Need a couple storage bins for all those art supplies, my daughter love to store their supplies in a crate.

Here are some of our customers who have purchased our crates and boxes and how they used them. 

  • Hallmark Corp - if you are in a Hallmark Store over the Holidays look for some dark walnut true rustic oak crates and let us know what you think. How many crates you ask? you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but many, many, many
  • Dancing with the Stars - while not a huge order in quantity, my daughter thought it was cool and tried to call the producer back to try and get on the show!
  • bebe - a national chain with over 200 locations and more internationally ordered 1250 dark walnut wood crates for use as P.O.P Point of Purchase Displays. Our crates are rustic and modern. 
  • Jewel-Osco - When looking for a solution to finding a custom wooden crate display, they chose our jumbo and super-sized wood crates finished in our most popular color Dark Walnut. These crates are beautiful, sturdy, and can be reused for years to come. They combine the best of both worlds, a rustic antique like feel, but built to last. Since we are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, we delivered all 1800 crates directly to their stores. On larger wholesale orders, that are within a resemble driving distance, we load up the Ford Truck and big trailer bring them to you. So if you from the Chicago area and go to a Jewel store keep an eye out for our dark walnut crates turned into a nice crate display.
  • Blanchard and Company - Blanchard is in the precious metals industry. When the SS Gairsoppa was sunk during WWII, millions of dollars in silver bars went to the bottom of the ocean. Working with them, we developed an old-time replica of an old ammo box to store the biggest most expensive silver bars in. We truly value our repeat customers and can help you design a custom crate or wood box to fit your needs. 

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